It's a Wrap!

It's a Wrap!

Before we head off for the weekend, I thought I'd share one of my "go to" wrap recipes with you all. It's a BIG favourite of both Luke and I, a quick meal for those helter-skelter nights and healthy! What more could you ask for?


Like all great wraps, it starts with a tortilla that's larger then your plate.

Slather it with some mayonnaise and let's get going!


You'll want to get a handful of spinach and chop it up. Put as much (or as little) on your tortilla as you'd like. I prefer more spinach on mine then Luke does :)

Add a thick layer of cooked quinoa (cold or hot, it doesn't matter) mixed with some shredded carrots.

Pro Tip: If you don't feel like getting your grater out, you can shred the carrot using a knife and cutting board... just be careful #experience

Next a thin layer of Feta! Because no wrap could be complete without cheese.

Then on top add some sliced avocado. 


For a final touch sprinkle on some seasoning. We like this one ^ from Save on Foods, it's a combination of thyme, lemon and sea salt.

Et Voila! It's a Wrap!

Eat it on its own or with some chips as a crunchy side. Serve to your husband and listen when he tells you "I could eat this wrap everyday".


P.S. If you happen to make this recipe, let us know what you think of it!

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