A Canadian Experience

A Canadian Experience

This past Friday, we went to visit some friends who live in a different province. We got up with the sun and drove a few hours east, where Luke did some work in the office and I ran errands, then went to a cafe for a few hours.


We then continued driving east, past farmers fields, houses for sale and trees with orange leaves.


We arrived near supper time and enjoyed catching up with Josh and Kristen over a delicious dinner. Luke and I also got to meet baby Ava for the first time (what a cutie-pie!). 


Then we went over to Justin and Jessica’s for a fun time of talking, laughter and snacking. It was so nice to catch up with everyone there and hear the latest! There is nothing that can compare with time spent in good company.

Sorry, no photos were taken! We were just so busy talking and having a good time :)

The next morning Luke went duck hunting with the guys for a few hours and us girls caught up on some much needed sleep. When they came back we ate crepes for breakfast (Luke's speciality) and spent some time oooo'ing over Ava.

Then we layered up and got ready to go on a quad ride. We got on the four-wheelers and went to meet up with some more folks for a real “Canadian Experience”!

We drove along the trail for a couple hours. Into ditches, over logs, through the brush (okay, maybe that was just Luke and I), and along the river. Lots of laughs and good memories made!

I’ve never been trail riding on quads before, so it was quite the fun experience for me…and felt very "legit" Canadian!


Till Next Time.....this is Zoë reporting from chilly Canada

Thanksgiving Day

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